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We offer traditional chiropractic treatment augmented with physiotherapy, foot orthoses, nutritional, lifestyle and ergonomic counseling.
Our core practice paradigm is to comfortably and effectively treat disorders of the human neuromusculosketal system through chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapeutic adjuncts.

Spinal and skeletal joint, muscular and neurologic insults can have a profound effect on our daily lives and routines. Only through standard orthopedic examination practices (and often radiographic studies and laboratory tests) can you be assured that we will arrive at an accurate assessment and diagnosis of your problem, a reasonable treatment plan and a clinically beneficial outcome for your complaints.

spine1webWe observe best practices based on the current and prevailing chiropractic practices, research and literature. We will treat the cause of your complaint(s) when possible and clinically reasonable with chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapeutics. When we feel that we cannot, or that another provider would be be more beneficial in your case, we will offer a referral to an appropriate specialist. This is our pledge to our patients.

Our goal is to always decrease your pain, increase your function, return you to your regular routine and when possible decrease your dependence on active care.
Dr. Wedemeyer is National and California State Board licensed in chiropractic and proficient in Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, Cox, Full Spine Specific and Thompson Chiropractic techniques.

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